B. Inspired – You…Bolder, Braver

As the year winds down and the holidays rapidly approach, I am starting to think about my new journey in 2016. A clean slate and fresh start always adds a little pep to my step. It’s new year full of possibilities and the hope of becoming better. Over time, I’ve come to realize each day is a renewed mercy and blessing that gives everyone another chance to get it right.

Time is not something we have any control over but it is our duty not to waste it worrying about the past or being so paranoid about the future, we let it pass us by. Seize the day! Do something everyday that makes you feel better about your journey.

For me, I am challenging myself to be bolder and braver. Dr. Brene Brown is one of my favorite researchers. She tackles those hard-to-talk-about subjects such as fear, trust, vulnerability and shame. Her newest project, Courage Works is about braver living, loving and leading. I love this concept. The idea of living well is part of my vision statement. You cannot live well without being brave, authentic and walking in your truth.

Now for those who know me, you may not think I have a problem saying what’s on mind – but what I hope for is the wisdom to say the things that matter and will make a difference for those in my circle of influence. A confidence to encourage those whom need it most.

Starting with the blog, I will be tackling bigger, bolder subject matter that I believe will really resonate with readers. Some things are hard to talk about, but they must be addressed. I pray for wisdom, integrity and a guided heart. Here’s to a bolder, braver me and a bolder, braver you.

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