B. Inspired: Is There More?

That one true thing. That one idea, space of being, purpose or life quest that ignites you from the inside out. Let us concentrate on searching out the sort of life, existence, and journey that generates contentment. Gives life, receives life, and is in fact fueled by it. Holding space on this Earth is not enough. Going through the motions of life, just to lie down at the end of the day so that we may set our alarms to get up and do the motions again. Adulthood sneaks up on some of us. As a child it feels like it can’t get here soon enough and then you wake up at 30 and say “where did the time go”? You attend college, maybe you learn a trade, put a roof over your head, pay bills, find companionship and suddenly you are in the hamster wheel of life. Day in, day out, accepting the status quo. Reveling in your ability to live a responsible life, congratulating yourself and others on life’s  milestones, chugging up the career ladder and planning a safe and rewarding retirement.

But sometimes there is that small voice. A tiny whisper that you try hushing. It comes to you during the day and you silence it by throwing yourself more into work. It wakes you up in the middle of the night and you turn over on your side and will yourself back to sleep. It whispers again while you are cleaning the house. You decide to schedule a massage, thinking it’s just the stress in your life.

The whisper is not a threat. It is not danger. It just simply says – “What if there is more?”

If you are blessed in this life, you find a job, a skilled trade, and if you’re lucky, maybe a decent career. But what about a passion, a calling? Something that revs you up. Something that introduces you to yourself. It reinvents you over and over again because you could do it all day and it doesn’t feel like work. It allows you to serve others and your highest self. It promotes and humbles you at the same time. You are excited to share it. It feels like gold in your hands. It is heavy with love but yet so light to carry.

Do you have this in your life? Would you like to know this space for yourself? Just a little something to think about.

If you feel like you are living this reality, I’d love to hear your journey in the comments below.

Until next time friends, be well.

Agree with God, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you. Receive instruction from his mouth,and lay up his words in your heart.
Job 22:21-22

Make it Sparkle,

-Tina B. 

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  1. alaraoluwaseyi says:

    This is inspiring . I hear that whisper all the time

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