B. Inspired: Owning Your Life

Happy Friday Everyone! As the summer dwindles down (although you wouldn’t know it by the weather), we are once again in a transition of sorts. Kids are back to school, traffic is indeed heavier, work may be picking up and we all adjust accordingly because that’s what we do. Have you ever thought about what things you honestly have control over and what things you do not? I mean really evaluate your life, your circumstance, your situation and measure how much influence or control you have on a situation. I’m a huge fan of accountability and responsibility. Even when it’s hard, we have to be willing to own up to our challenges.

I believe whole-heartedly we are responsible for the lives we live. We are accountable for the actions and behavior we display and sometimes we have to be real with ourselves and admit the fact that we need to do better. Maybe it’s your temper you need to check, or your stubbornness, your lack of empathy or maybe you just procrastinate to the point of devastating consequences. These are all things that can be worked on, improved upon and with effort and humility, overcome. I have struggled in all of these areas and I can tell you it’s not easy to check yourself. It’s very difficult to own your own mess and say, I really need to improve in this area or I really need to stop letting my temper get the best of me. We become comfortable in our lives, in our flaws and our personal idiosyncrasies and habits, whether good, bad or down right obnoxious, they become these little anchors around our ankles. We feel they keep us grounded, more authentic and true to “who we are”, when in fact they may be keeping us stuck. Bound in a circle of counter-productivity because we refuse to learn, grow and change.

I’m learning to check myself more and more. I’m learning that you can do and say whatever you want as an adult, but always know for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction otherwise known as consequence. You will never control all of the elements in your life, but you have more say and influence than you may think. By owning your part in everything (behavior, words, reactions, etc) you will discover a power that is brand new.

That power is growth.

People who are open to change and growth never get left behind because they realize they are flawed but operating out of their humility, they refuse to stay stuck in their mess, blatantly wearing the armor of ignorance and pride. They learn to admit when they have wronged or offended and keep it moving.

Show up to your life with a willingness to learn and grow.

Be a better listener. Be willing to change if it’s not something that compromises who you are. Keep an open mind. You and I will never be perfect and that is okay. But a life journey of constant growth and learning is always worth living.

Be well my friends and keep growing.

Love & Light,

Tina B.

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