B. Inspired: The Habit of Gratitude

Dear Friends,

It’s the closing of a week once again and in this case, the closing of a month as well. The summer is flying and before we know it, the rapid and joyous holiday season will be upon us. One of the things we can never outrun is time. Time continues to move forward no matter how unprepared or anxious we may feel about the next hour, day or moment that is coming.

Something we can control and infuse into our lives to make the most of our time is gratitude. An attitude of gratitude positions you for success in life. It helps you savor the special moments life offers you. When you habitually celebrate life’s small treasures and meditate on all the good around you versus the negative, something really amazing happens. Your focus shifts exponentially and the habit of looking for the good spreads like wildfire. You breathe better, you stress less and you rewire your thoughts to go down the path of possibility and not get stuck on perceived barriers. You’ll notice that even during challenging times, you are able to find something of value. When family and friends come to you with their own struggles, you may be that one person that offers a positive perspective or encourages them to see what they may be able to gain even in a less than ideal situation.

A habit of gratitude is always an exercise in mental health which is a vital part of our everyday well-being. Being mindful, compassionate people is what will bring change in our lives and in the world around us. Start a journal and write down everything you are grateful for. Share it with a friend or someone special to you. Make it a habit to savor every moment in life. You’ll never get time back but it will make a difference if you spend it living well in gratitude.


With Love & Light,

-Tina B.



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