B. Inspired – It’s Gratitude Season

Happy Monday Friends,

I usually blog on Fridays, but I felt inspired to share some recent lessons. We have officially entered the holiday season and as we know the expectations of a perfect holiday with family and friends can sometimes make us overlook the little things that really matter. As we prep for thanksgiving and the gathering of those near and dear to us, it’s important to pause and reflect on what we are truly grateful for. Try jotting down a list or adding a journal entry simply about what you are thankful for in your life. Make it fun and create a vision board.

I have been reflecting on gratitude quite a bit recently when I realized how important it is that we keep things in perspective. No matter what challenges or obstacles I face, I have an absolutely blessed life. Here’s why I am grateful:

I am grateful to be alive at such as time as this. I am grateful that I am in a season of life where my gifts are being celebrated.

I am grateful to be a woman with a voice, with passion, with conviction and a true sense of who I am.

I am grateful for family, for friends, for my husband/companion/life partner that encourages everything I do. I am grateful for my creative gifts that I know come from God. I am grateful for my desire and natural zest for life. My health, my mind – the fact that I can move, dance and sing. I am grateful for the gift of persistence and fearlessness, that I am unafraid to live my life on my terms.

I could go on and on, but those are top of mind constantly.

What are you grateful for?

Make your list and share it with someone. Perhaps you will inspire them to create a gratitude list as well. Imagine everyone sitting down to make a list of gratitude! When you begin to accept and relish where you are in life currently, you create a space for contentment and joy. This doesn’t mean you don’t ask for more or set goals – but it anchors you in a way that keeps you humble, thankful and inspired.

Enjoy the beginning of this wonderful holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving,

-Tina B.

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  1. I am grateful for so many things…. which always makes me think about those less fortunate. This is an idea I am trying to spread this holiday season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hidlnk1NC10&t=5s If you like it, please share it! Thanks, Rita

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    1. Thank you, Rita for your comment. I will check out your link. Happy Holidays!

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