Take Me Away!

Often during this time of year we fill up our plates with tons of work, commitments and miscellaneous tasks to ensure we are in fact being productive. One of the worst things you can do is sign up to help everyone else out and in the process neglect yourself. We are stepping into cold and flu season and if you over commit yourself, you surely will have high anxiety and stress which can result in a weakened immune system. Don’t forget to take care of your strongest asset – YOU! The work, social engagements and volunteering will always be there. You want to be your best self for anything you have to take on. So, eat right (most of the time), exercise (even if just means taking the stairs instead of the elevator) and always carve out some down time where you do absolutely nothing.  And when the world seems like it’s closing in on you – take yourself to that happy mental place for just a few moments.

Need tips to prepare for the Fall? Follow my Pinterest boards. http://www.pinterest.com/tinaterrell/autumn-ready/


photo c/o http://bertrand-benoit.com

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