Here’s To Life!

I recently celebrated my birthday (yesterday!) and realized how grateful I am for another year of life. I took some time to reflect that morning on all of my recent accomplishments as well as goals I am still working towards. This past weekend I had dinner with a dear friend of mine whom has an October birthday as well. It was exhilarating to think about our past journeys, relish in the current moment of where we are now and talk about how different and exciting the future will be. Birthdays are such a special time to reflect and celebrate a fresh and new start. Some people get this feeling for New Year’s Day. But the day of your birth marks the moment you came into this world and started on this journey we call life. So here’s to looking back to learn from past experiences. Here’s to relishing in the moment. Here’s to moving forward and not staying stuck. Here’s to you!



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  1. Mindy says:

    To My Dear Friend Tina B.,

    I could not had said it any better (or wiser).

    May this up and coming year be your best year ever!

    With warm (October!) birthday wishes, Mindy S.


    1. Thanks Mindy Sue! 🙂


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