My Very Fun Tween Halloween!

This post is dedicated to my future and very lovely stepdaughters, Mikayla and Maya. A couple of weeks ago, I threw a Halloween party sleepover for the girls and two of their friends. It was so much fun detailing everything from the handmade invites, decor and snack list  to the prizes and the movies to watch. I spent hours online, in Wal-Mart and Target looking at supplies and making the best decisions. I even came up with an awesome “Goblin” juice that was a big hit – even with my fiance’!  When I started planning, it was simply an idea I came up with to be festive for the season and do something fun with them. It turned out to be so much more. Baking, playing games, laughing, joking and dancing with the girls was such a cool moment for us. I was able to see them in a different way. I am sure I revealed a more fun side to myself as well. Watching them just being themselves, interacting with their friends and being totally comfortable was a joy. We are going to officially be family soon and that experience in my eyes, helped break down the barriers and was a great bonding moment for us all.

Always remember that the holidays are a great time to celebrate not just the day, but the relationships both old and new in your life. Sometimes we just have to slow down and appreciate and capture the time we spend with family and friends. Nothing brings people closer than celebration. This is especially helpful in nurturing a new relationship. Try to find ways to strengthen that bond often, even if it’s just cooking together. Work comes and goes, but the relationships you have are what matters most.

See below a picture of the handmade invite. And as promised, the cookies featured below were decorated by Erin who was the winner of the party games.


For last minute ideas, take a look at my Halloween Thrills board on Pinterest.

Take Care,

-Tina B.

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