It’s a Winter Wonderland!

Winter is almost here! And for some of you, the frosty winter chill has already set in the air.  Now is the time for cozy coats, fluffy scarves, colorful mittens and fabulous boots. Soon the trees will bear no leaves and sparkling white snow will cover everything. Hearty recipes and hot beverages will become the “must haves” and fleece pajamas will become a necessity again.

Don’t let the winter weather keep you indoors. Check your local area for winter activities such as ice-skating, Christmas tree lighting events and holiday craft fairs. For those of you who desire to stay indoors, invite friends over for a holiday decor party. Use your weekends to experiment with holiday recipes and catch up on leisure reading.

Winter proof your home as well to save on energy costs. Home Depot has great tips — see Here.

Winter is also the time we try our best to avoid pesky colds and flu viruses. Eat well, drink plenty of fluids and wash hands constantly. If you find yourself down, take a couple of days off to recoup. You’ll actually bounce back faster as opposed to pushing yourself.

Make this the best Winter ever. If possible, go on a neighborhood Christmas lights tour. It is sure to brighten anyone’s mood. Try new activities, enjoy cozy evenings with family and stay warm!

For more cool ideas, check out my dedicated Pinterest boards; Winter Recipes, Winter Wonderland and  Christmas Bliss.

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All the Best,


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