The Grateful Diaries

So the Thanksgiving holiday is now upon us. How the time flies once Fall begins! If you are like me, spending time with family and friends is the priority for this season. One thing I am going to give my best attempt to is slowing down to realize all of the things I have to truly be grateful for. I often journal and write notes to myself ranging from simple reminders, wish lists and tentative short-term goals. This time, I will make it a point to write down all of the wonderful things in my life that I have to celebrate. Life itself, health, family, friends, a fabulous fiance’ and the energy to balance it all. I urge you today to do the same. Find some quiet time and literally write a list of all the positive in your life. I guarantee you that highlighting what you have going for you will be something that gives you a great feeling  on the inside. You may decide to continue this exercise periodically to remind yourself that a place of gratitude is the easiest road to contentment and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For more Turkey day ideas & recipes be sure to check out my Giving Thanks & Yum! boards on Pinterest.


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