At the Fair!

As the season comes to the end with the final summer holiday of Labor Day, we welcome a renewing of seasons. The Autumn season has finally arrived and I am truly looking forward to this transition. This past weekend, I attended a nostalgic event that brought back so many joyous memories: the State Fair. The North Georgia State Fair to be exact. After working on our home (we recently moved), my husband, step-daughters and I went to the Fair for some much needed fun and excitement. What a glorious time we had! All of the memories I have as a child going the Fair every year with my family came flooding back to me. Ice cold lemonade (with lots of sugar), hot corn-dogs with mustard, cotton candy, funnel cakes, caramel apples and soft serve ice-cream reminded me of the delectable flavors only found at the Fair. Bright lights, screaming riders and rigged games created a fantastic visual memory that I will always have.

I even rode a couple of rides! Nothing like having your body whipped around, to and fro, just as a reminder that life short and meant to be filled with laughter, fun and good ole adrenaline. My husband played a few games and won me a bear – that made the whole evening worth it for me. My feet hurt immensely at the end of the night but I was so glad we went. The State Fair is a tradition I always want to be a part of, especially once I have children of my own. It was the perfect end to a hot and crazy summer season. I can now happily welcome what’s next.

What are some of you favorite end-of-summer traditions? Do you attend your State Fair and/or carnivals? Are you sad to see summer go or are you a Fall fanatic like myself?

Check out my Fair & Carnival board on Pinterest for a visual journey.

With Love & Light,


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