It’s Summer Time!

Dear Readers–

It’s been so long! This is possibly the longest break I have taken from the blog. But, all is well. I am settling into a new phase and journey of life and it’s the greatest gift. As a new wife and step-mom, I am finding my groove and discovering new things about myself that I never knew. Stay tuned this Fall for the launch of my redesigned site that will have dedicated content for wifehood, step-parenting and more!

Now about this summer thing. Can you believe it’s here? We were just saying Happy New Year (or it seems that way to me) and here we are, almost half through 2014 embarking on the hottest (literally) season of the year. I made a promise to myself and encourage you too as well – to enjoy every moment of this summer. Enjoy the sweet smokey flavors of bar-be-que, juicy hot pink watermelon and cold, refreshing, colorful popsicles. If you make it to the beach, let the sand squish under your toes and play in the salty ocean water. Now is the time for sunglasses, visors, sunscreen, short shorts (if you dare!), flip-flops, lazy, long days, outdoor activities and vacation!

Summer always has a carefree vibe about it. Children run free and everyone seems happier. Even when you are working adult, there’s just an ease about the way everything flows in the summer. Everyone chills out – maybe it’s because it’s too hot to get worked up or maybe there’s an universal happy feeling that we all get when the sun decides to shine bright for so long.

Whatever it may be – enjoy it! Enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, enjoy this season. Laugh it up, play hard, get together with friends, vacation somewhere new. Do it all in the name of Summer Love!

For ideas and a visual journey, visit my Summer Love and Summer Food Pinterest boards.

Love and Light,

Tina (B.) Ladson 🙂

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  1. Hello, Tina! Love your new post, thanks for returning! Thank you for the summertime reminders! Love it. I can’t wait to visit your summer Pinterest boards, too. Yay!
    See you very soon.
    Peace, love, and light to you, too!


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