Breathing Space

I am a long time reader of O, Magazine founded by the incomparable Oprah Winfrey. One of the features I have always looked forward to in the magazine is the full page spread titled Breathing Space. It’s not a story or feature article. It is always simply a high resolution image of heavenly scenery or landscape where you long to go to simply just be. Whether it be an ocean front, snow covered mountains or a natural forest setting, the image literally transcends the page, teleporting you there, if just for a moment.

I recently celebrated a birthday and one the things that has occurred to me is that my mind, body and spirit do not respond the same anymore. Physically, I feel different. Emotionally, I have matured – the same drama does not move me anymore. And, spiritually, I have a found a deeper connection with God. One that provides more clear direction and promise.

Having experienced these changes, one thing I cannot escape is the necessity to stop and breathe.  I can no longer move chaoticaly from one task to the next. And, if I try, my mind and body tell me I am out of sync and need to slow down. Much like my beloved O, Magazine feature spread, I have found that I need breathing space. No, I am not jet-setting around the world whenever I please (this is a personal goal however) but, I have found the importance of coming home from work or an activity and giving myself a moment to collect myself and my thoughts. Breathing space…it can be an hour, 30 minutes or for you parents with extreme time constraints, 15 minutes of time to think of nothing and decompress.

Having studied Psychology, I know the importance of mental health. The brain needs to recoup after a long day. The body needs time to adjust before you go on to the next task. And most important, your spirit needs centering after a hectic work week, a family vacation or even a major move.

Allow yourself to stop, take in the moment and totally surrender. With a new season underway, it’s the perfect time to start a new and healthy habit. For your enjoyment, I found some Breathing Space articles archived online. Enjoy. Click here to enter Breathing Space Archive.

With Love & Light,


A Fall Visual Journey

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  1. Coscelia England says:

    I truly can relate to this…and you couldn’t be more accurate in your advice. Tina, I have found that in this second phase in my life, mothering Brooklynn, I certainly need time to just stop and collect my self and unwind, especially when I get home from work. I also find it so much easier to function when I keep the “drama” out of my life.


  2. So glad you can relate Coscelia. I am finding my capacity for negativity (ie: gossip, big egos, drama, foolery) is truly decreasing as I get older and wiser. Being positive and having a fresh outlook is where it’s at. I also believe being happy keeps you younger longer.



  3. Trevor Joseph says:

    Exceptional! Peace and Love-RJ


  4. Reblogged this on lifestyle inspiration and commented:

    A wrote this piece almost a year ago and this this time of year brings back the same thoughts today. Happy October, everyone!


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