My Radio Appearance on the Dana Barrett Show, Biz1190 Atlanta

Who doesn’t love Amazon?? It’s practically the only way I shop online. But do you know the back story of what it took to become the goliath it is today? Well, I am recently a new member of a Business Book Club hosted by Dana Barrett.  I had the awesome chance to be a guest on the Dana Barrett Radio Show on Biz1190 Atlanta.  We discussed the book, The Everything Store by Brad Stone about the creation of Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos. Had a great time on the show and look forward to chatting more about it at the Business Book Club tonight. Click on the SoundCloud links below to listen to the segments.


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  1. Mindy Spritz says:


    1) I miss YOU! 2) I tried to friend you on FB but you are not available for Friend Requests –so I’m following you 3) You were wonderful on the radio! 4) I watch Atlanta Tech Edge EVERY Sunday!

    xoxo, Mindy Sue

    Mindy Spritz

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    1. My dearest Mindy Sue, thank you so much for your support. I miss you my friend! I was unable to connect with you on FB as well?? I have no idea why ‘friending’ is not an option for us! We need to connect soon. There is so much we need to catch up on. I want to hear all of the fabulous details of your life!

      -Tina B. Ladson


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