Color Me Vibrant

Color is the very essence of design, style and décor. We are simply drawn to it. No other element can add, lift, bring together and accent like the right color palette. Color is so easy and yet so very complex at the same time. I am often inspired by color to be more creative, forward thinking and positive. My Pinterest board Color Obsession is a bright, curated mix of all things color. This board instantly brightens my mood and helps me think outside the box.

There is science behind color as well. Did you know red is associated with strength, energy, power and passion? How about blue? It’s know for depth, stability, intelligence and faith. If you want know more, click here.

Beyond color theory science, you should see color as a fun, fluid and an easy way to accent your home office, kitchen, work space or even the laundry room. Don’t worry about rules of design – go with what speaks to you in that space. What energy do you want to feel? How will it translate to others?

If you are putting together a room and have a question on accent colors, color combinations or the right hue for a particular space, just message me here. I am happy to help you find the right color to inspire your journey to live more vibrantly and colorful!

Love & Light,

-Tina B.

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