Oh, To Be Green!

It’s Monday morning and we’re still talking color! In lieu of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, let’s talk about GREEN and all it’s awesomeness.

Green is the color of balance and harmony. Green represents, growth, renewal, and restoration of life. Often associated with nature, natural habitat, recycling and environmental friendliness. You often hear people talk about “going green”,  which refers to adjusting work practices or your lifestyle to be more kind to the Earth and its resources. Want to jump on this bandwagon? Read more here.

Green vegetables are also where some of the most powerful nutrients and preventative nourishment comes from. To read more about just how powerful these superfoods are, click hereNot sure how to incorporate these green bombshells into your diet? Click here, and try these recipes.

So now you’re all greened up and ready to go! We will continue our conversation on color the whole month of March – tell a friend to follow the blog so they won’t miss out! We don’t want anyone green with envy.

Love & Light,


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