Rebirth: Spring is Here

Happy Spring & Happy Easter, my friends. Oh, how I delight in the budding plants and flowers as Spring peeks it head out after an icy, cold and wet winter. The blog is undergoing lots of changes so we’ll continue our conversation on color through April as well as tackling Spring cleaning, quarterly purging and outdoor decor.

Spring is a time of renewal, change and growth. As trees and plants bloom once again, I also find my energy, thoughts and creativity getting a boost as well. Are you the same? Does this season awaken something in you as well?

Throughout the month of April, the blog will introduce 2 new awesome tools for you to use as you brainstorm new ways to live well. My personal favorite topic will also be a theme in April – The Big O: Organization!

Well, have you tackled that closet yet? Sweaters, coats, jackets and pants that you didn’t wear at all this season should be folded up, placed in a box and taken to the nearest Goodwill, place of worship or shelter. Let someone else enjoy your impeccable style. Go through drawers of hats, gloves and scarves as well – I bet there’s ton you no longer wear. Spring is absolutely the best time to donate, purge excess and make room for new things.

This weekend is Easter Sunday, so follow me on Twitter @lifewithtinab for awesome recipes for the rest of the week. I’ve also pinned some great food, craft and decor ideas on my Easter Sunday Pinterest board. There’s even a few cute kid’s outfits that are a fresh take on kid’s Sunday attire.

I’m excited to share a few outdoor redesign projects I have coming up in the next couple weeks. If you have made some awesome progress or feel you deserve a Spring cleaning award, feel free to post pictures and descriptions in the comments below. I know I’m not the only one with good ideas so the more, the merrier.

Here’s to a blooming April!

Love & Light,

Tina B.

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