In Le Jardin!

Do you have a green thumb? It’s about that time of year where yard and garden envy begins. There’s nothing like a well manicured lawn and bonus points if you maintain a garden of any sort. As a person who aspires to eat homegrown, the idea of growing my own fruits, vegetables and herbs is very exciting to me. Growing flowers is also a beautiful way to accent your home both inside and out. Decorating a dining room table, kitchen counter, bedside or bathroom with fresh flowers is a classic staple of decor.

Now, I will admit, this will be my first year venturing into the life of a ‘gardeness’. My husband and I are in a town home with a small front yard. We’ve got a great red door which makes the facing of our home pop. I’m hoping to put down red mulch near the door and accent with a few garden friends, see here: White Ceramic Bunny, Red Ceramic Bird, Blue Ceramic Owl, and Green Ceramic Turtle. Small fixtures like these, a few bulb accents, potted plants, entry lighting and fresh mulch or rocks can go a long way. For access to inspiration I’m using, follow my Garden Pinterest Board here.

Play with simple and nature inspired color combos, such as greens and blues and then try a bright accent color for contrast like red, orange or yellow.


Playing with color for gardening, landscaping and outdoor decor can be lots of fun as well as quite labor intensive. It’s amazing how many small decisions you have to make on color, plants, placement and accents once you make the first initial decision. My advice is to break your goal down into small parts tackling ‘mini projects’ to achieve the larger goal. You can even make it a family event by getting the kids involved and help their creativity to flow. You can throw a garden refresh gathering for your friends. Serve light snacks and beverages, tell them to come dressed to work and make prepping the yard into a party! Play some upbeat music and give small tasks to friends…there’s nothing like a few extra hands to help get a job done.

Enhancing the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Get creative, start small and remember to have fun!

Love & Light,

Tina B.

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