Friday Feature: Homegrown Taste & Culture

No matter who you are, what culture, race or group you represent, chances are food is a vital part of your everyday routine and often, even part of your cultural identity. I’m a big fan of cooking and baking from scratch. Growing up in the midwest, my mother prepared all of our meals, packed our lunches and baked all of our birthday cakes at home. I grew up thinking this is what everyone experienced, but to my surprise as an adult I realized what a treasure this was to grow up eating and enjoying real food made with real heart. Shout out to the one and only, Telitha Lee Brown, my mommy! Cooking and baking for you and your family not only allows for better nutritional value in meals (you determine how much to put of what) but offers a variety of ways to make a recipe your own and in my opinion adds value and amazing memories to the time you spend with family, friends or even yourself (I loved cooking in my single days as well).

Today is my first Friday feature on the blog and we are highlighting food with heart as this combines my passion for taste, flavor, culture, color, nutrition, cooking and entertaining. Working as a marketing specialist in fragrance and flavor, I have learned so much about how who we are determines how we experience food and beverage. I can’t say enough about food – it just brings anyone and everyone together. I’ve been tweeting (@lifewithtinab) a ton of Easter themed brunch and dinner ideas, however I realize preparing food for an event or holiday can sometimes seem like a daunting task so I’m offering a great solution: catering.

But, not just anybody’s catering. Look for someone who cooks and prepares with passion and even grows or cultivates some of their own food. I cannot think of no other person that is filled with more light and goodness, than my dear friend Joslyn Wright. Talk about passion, Joslyn is a woman of the arts. Singing, song-writing, style, cooking, baking, gardening and a good dose of sass! Adding to her repertoire of creativity, she recently launched her own catering company, In the Kitchen. Here’s what they do in her own words:

“In the Kitchen is an up and coming from scratch kitchen, cooking everything from soul food to food with soul. The chef cooks everything from scratch, catering to each clients palate. We offer weekly meal plans for families as well as large event and party catering style meals for any type of event.

We are mobile, but reside right in the heart of Austin,Texas and can be contacted via email or phone at 512-387-5388 or email at”
Even if you aren’t able to taste her delicious catered offerings, please browse the site and facebook page and follow her on Twitter @inthekitchenatx for awesome recipe ideas and glorious food pics. Like these:
Food is nutrition, it’s goodness for the soul, it’s a way to bond and it can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Find ways to dress up old recipes, try new ones and explore other cuisines – you never know until you try it! As Spring ramps up, you might even think about growing your own herbs, spices or vegetables. Get In the Kitchen, the possibilities are endless.
Happy Easter!
Love & Light,
Tina B.

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