Breathing Space

A wrote this piece almost a year ago and this this time of year brings back the same thoughts today. Happy October, everyone!

I am a long time reader of O, Magazine founded by the incomparable Oprah Winfrey. One of the features I have always looked forward to in the magazine is the full page spread titled Breathing Space. It’s not a story or feature article. It is always simply a high resolution image of heavenly scenery or landscape where you long to go to simply just be. Whether it be an ocean front, snow covered mountains or a natural forest setting, the image literally transcends the page, teleporting you there, if just for a moment.

I recently celebrated a birthday and one the things that has occurred to me is that my mind, body and spirit do not respond the same anymore. Physically, I feel different. Emotionally, I have matured – the same drama does not move me anymore. And, spiritually, I have a found a deeper connection with God. One…

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