Living My Life Like It’s Golden!

About 35…I am writing this on the eve of my 35th birthday. It’s one I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. I like to think of 35 as the lonely milestone that doesn’t get the hype that other milestone ages receive. You’ve got Sweet 16, Legal 21, Finally-a-Real-Adult 25 and of course the Omega Big 3-0. The next age people start sweating about is 40. Either you get to 40 thinking you are the epitome of fabulosity or dread the idea of aging.

But nobody really talks about 35. You are well into your adulthood, you’re probably established within your career and community, you’ve traveled, you may own a home and you’ve probably been through a few cars. But the real heart of 35 is about surrendering to the fact that life is a sweet journey that is strung together by choices you make everyday. You come to terms with yourself in a way that is no longer the dream or ideal of yourself, but the real you, flaws and all.

By now, you’ve realized you are mortal. You may have dealt with the loss of a parent or even a close friend. You’ve seen relationships torn about, you’ve been to countless bridal showers, baby showers and maybe even consoled a friend during a tough divorce. You’ve lived a bit…okay, maybe a lot. Everyone’s journey if unique. There’s a good chance you’ve had your heart broken, found love, lost love, brought a beautiful soul into this world and became a parent. Hopefully you have learned to trust in spite of yourself, to give more than you receive, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, to forgive and most important – learned to love yourself.

As I journey into my 35th year, I can look back and see a beautiful life filled with joy, laughter, fear, anger, disappointment, love, happiness and every other emotion known to be experienced. But what is most peculiar is the amount of grace and mercy that has been extended to me. Beautiful things have happened in my life displaying a grace that I cannot take credit for. I have been saved from consequences of my not so smart decisions by a mercy that only the Lord can give.

For me 35 is not just a half-way point in my thirties looking onward to 40; it’s a chance to stop, breathe and be grateful for the life lived thus far and savoring the idea that there is so much more goodness to come.

Every life is worth living…what will you do with yours?

With Love & Light,

Tina B.

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