B. Styled – Seasonal Styling for Your Home

I am a holiday junkie. This is a real confession. I absolutely love celebrating the holidays. I love finding new recipes, I love entertaining small groups of friends and family, and I love decorating my home. Creating themed décor spaces throughout your home is a fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays. Do a lot or do a little…that all will depend on your personal style.

I literally get excited walking into stores and feasting my eyes and hands upon all of the fun and festive holiday décor. While Easter is personally my favorite holiday, the décor and novelty item options for Halloween and Christmas are absolutely mind-blowing.

If you are like me and enjoy seasonal home styling as well, here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind when approaching festive décor.

3 Simple Tips for Seasonal Styling

#1 – Choose a theme

For example, Halloween can be interpreted and styled in a myriad of ways. There’s the classic and fun black and orange approach with hints of purple and green. You can also do a more modern upscale approach using black and white with subtle accents of orange or even metallic. Set up your game plan first. This will allow strategic décor shopping and minimize unnecessary spending. It will also keep your seasonal décor streamlined and less likely to clash with your real home décor.

#2 – Create a Budget

Ok, so we know we all could just hand over our paychecks to Target and just be done, but this is not the best approach! Set a dollar amount for what you are willing to spend (within reason) on seasonal items. This combined with your chosen theme will help you look for the best deals at the best prices for the items that will help you execute the look you are going for.

#3 – Shop smart

Before even leaving the house, check sales ads, websites and catalogs to determine where to go. Life is stressful enough without having to drive all over town for just the right table spread. In this digital world, you can pretty much do all of the heavy lifting by browsing online including sites like Pinterest which will then make your actual shopping that much easier. Now, while I am a proponent of online purchases, some items do need to be seen in person to determine quality, actual color, texture, etc.

And last, have fun! Don’t do anything overly stressful or that you cannot execute with minimal effort. Styling your home for the holidays should be easy, exciting and an experience you and your family can enjoy.

#StyleReminder – Don’t forget to shop post-holiday sales. This is best and smartest time to shop for the following year. Mark your calendars for November 1st to catch all of the Halloween markdowns.

With Love & Light

-Tina B.

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