B. Inspired – Taking On 2016

Today we are literally 2 weeks away from the New Year 2016. Have you thought about your resolutions, goals, plans, things you want to do different next year? Sometimes this task can seem overwhelming – like, where do I start? I like to break mine down into categories as there are several areas of my life where I’d like to make improvement or push myself more. Below, I’ve shared my major areas of goals and a short description of each. Use it, borrow pieces from it, or create your own.

2016 Life Goals & Improvements


Here is where you make all of those savings, budget and tax plans. Make clear concise decisions about what you’d like to save, invest or perhaps pay off by year’s end. Being abstract will not give the guidance you need and will not encourage financial discipline when needed.


This isn’t just about weight loss goals. Think about the different ways you want to approach your health. Perhaps clean eating or meal prepping are things you’ve thought about. Dust off that YMCA membership (or sign up) and try a new class. Schedule a time for walking with your spouse or a good friend. Great company always takes the pressure out of exercising.


Now this is where it gets good. Even if you are happy with your current job, think about what you can do to stand out even more. Maybe you want to learn a new skill, perhaps it’s time to talk to your employer about going to grad school (especially if they offer tuition assistance). You may have maxed out your potential in your current role and need to consider how to position yourself for a promotion. Again, use a clear concise roadmap.


This one is my personal favorite area. While money, health and career are vital in our daily lives, personal development is the fire that burns in us to make us want to improve overall. Become better people, better spouses, better friends and even better to our own selves. This category can be used to identify what we really want to change, improve and even learn for personal growth. There’s nothing like self reflection and looking to see how you are shaping your life and if it’s going in the direction you’d hope for. If it’s not, it’s important to remember that it all starts with you and your surrendering to something greater. Every life has meaning and you were created with great intent and purpose. Tap into that!

With Love & Light,

Tina B.


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