B. Inspired – Find Your Center

Thank God it’s Friday! Some days I say this simply because it’s relevant and other times, I really mean it. The weekend does something for us all. It helps us reset and recharge. Working everyday is an interesting thing. You can absolutely love your job one minute and be ready to walk out the front door the next. There’s something pretty cool about being able to earn a living using your skills and talent but sometimes you may think to yourself – I want more. I can do more and I want to find a way to exercise my other abilities and perhaps I would be happier.

I often have little brainstorming parties – this entails me, a notebook, my favorite pen and a glass of wine. I sit with my thoughts and jot down all of the things I am interested in, accomplishments I want to achieve and large scale dreams I have. Maybe it’s simple like taking a pottery class or  volunteering at church or  maybe it’s launching your own design agency. No matter how big or small, it all begins in your imagination. For instance, I recently decided to start painting. I am an artist first, but life and happenstance have steered me into a much more marketing focused and digital media career. I forgot that my creativity and artwork in its purest form are just as important. In fact, without it – I become someone foreign – someone out of touch with their roots.

What are you roots? What is your foundation? How did you get started – before everyone told you what you had to do, what degree you had to have, what networking events you needed to be at – who were you? Sometimes we have to get back to the basics in order to center ourselves. We have to remind ourselves that we at times do what we have to do in order to thrive in our careers, make those great salaries and maintain our fabulous lives – but somewhere underneath it all is the little girl (or boy) who used to dream, play, create, laugh and run in the sun. It’s okay to visit that person from time to time.

Remember to find enjoyment in life. Get back to the basics. Think about what makes you smile with excitement and go do it. You and you alone are responsible for your happiness.

With Love & Light,

-Tina B.

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