B. Inspired: Love Yourself!

Hello again, my friends and happy Friday! Well, the day of love is upon us again. Yes, Valentine’s Day is this weekend and hopefully if you have someone special in your life, you have been working on ways to show them. I’ve got a quick message for you and below that, have fun browsing a few ideas on some great V-day Pinterest boards I’ve curated for you. (If you hover over the actual board, you can actually scroll through the pins without leaving this page!)

So for starters, if you’ve been missing the Wednesday blog, my apologies – I have been concentrating that time towards my weekly blog on The Huffington Post. I don’t like to blog unless I’ve got something really good to share so Lifestyle with Tina B. will only have Friday posts right now.

And now about that crazy little thing called love. Being in a mutually satisfying relationship full of love, respect, admiration, support and encouragement is an awesome thing. But often times, we put so much focus on finding the right one or holding onto what we know is not good for us that we miss the greatest opportunity to show ourselves some love. It’s okay to love you – in fact it is absolutely necessary to love and value yourself long before you make the commitment to love someone else. Loving yourself looks different for everyone. We’ve all got different values, morals, boundaries, habits, etc., so loving you could mean eating well and exercising, it could be time with God in the morning, quiet alone time on the weekends, doing a little shopping for yourself or maybe sitting down with a good book. Whatever puts you in that good mental health space and brings you some sort of joy, pleasure or ease. Don’t shy away from these positive experiences or feelings. We work hard, we stress, we face pain and disappointment. It’s okay to find joy and pleasure in life. In fact you deserve it in abundance. Replenishing yourself is a necessary function. Otherwise, what do you have to give? So this Valentine’s Day, I am wishing lots of LOVE, light and good vibes.


Tina B.

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  1. Oh yes before we can love others we have to love ourselves

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