B. Inspired – What’s Your Dream Job?

There are times in life when things are really moving, I get the feeling I should go against the grain a little more. Perhaps, shake things up a bit. As a creative person, I get bored pretty easily, which is why I have several creative outlets to keep variety in my life. What do you do to keep the variety in your life? Do you travel? Visit art museums? Do you sing in a band on the weekends? I believe we need those things to keep our selves interested, curious and passionate about life.

While we may not always be able to work our dream job, it is important to have career goals and to at least be familiar with what the perfect opportunity would look like for us. I’ve had a myriad of roles in my career, typically some mix of marketing, design, branding and communication. And while it was super cool to have packaging I designed rolled into Target stores nationwide, the roles I was most passionate about were my opportunities working with the Spruill Center for the Arts on a creative afterschool program and my role as senior marketing & web specialist for Georgia State University for the department of African-American studies.

When I was able use my talent and ability to make a difference or impact young people, especially college students, it resonated with me in a way that felt right. It spoke to the side of me that loves to help people and advocate for those who don’t always get proper representation. What are your favorite jobs you’ve had in the past and why? Did you discover something new about yourself? What are you passionate about? What career would you choose if there were no obstacles?

Writing, visualizing and talking about what you want out of a career is the first step. The are tons of career coaches, articles and books to help you along the way, but the most important thing is that you understand and believe in where you want to go. There’s room for all of us to shine.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. -Matthew 7:7

With Love & Light,

Tina B.


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