B. Inspired: Grow

Happy Good Friday Friends!

It’s been a long and productive week for me. Lots of deadlines, deliverables and most importantly, I have officially submitted my application to graduate school. I read an article not long ago about choosing an inspirational word for the year. It’s actually something I came across on social media. The idea was that instead of listing resolutions that may or may not be accomplished, choose a word to anchor your efforts for the year that can be used for all areas of your life.

My word for 2018 is GROW. I challenge myself to grow and stretch in all areas of my life. In terms of fitness and health, I need to grow in discipline. Financially, I commit to growing out of my comfort zone and pursuing new opportunities that will bring financial gain. In my marriage, I pray to grow in patience and forgiveness (not my strength!). And personally, I hope to grow in my relationship with God, learning to trust that everything happens in due season.

What inspirational word will you choose for this year?

It’s still early as we’re only through the first quarter of 2018. There’s still plenty of time to make an impact and center yourself with a positive focal point instead of getting lost in a sea of resolutions. Keep a journal or diary of the expectations you create based on your inspirational word. Get clarity and motivation by finding an accountability partner. There’s a lot of ways to make this work. By far, the most important thing you can always do is grow and blossom into the best version of yourself. Take it one day at a time.



With Love & Light,

-Tina. B

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