Loving You

Dear Loves,

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again. Expressing your deepest thoughts to the one you love can be exhilarating, fun, exciting and sometimes down right nerve-wracking. The build up and anticipation to Valentine’s day can often be overwhelming for people. Men and women alike think, plot, plan what they believe will be the most genuine display of love. I say, relax. Relax in the security that the one you love, knows you love them. More than likely, all they want is YOU for Valentine’s Day. Your time, your energy, your full presence.

Often times, we underestimate the value of just giving ourselves. Simply being together (which is this year’s theme) is sometimes all your partner is longing for. Gifts are awesome, dates can be fun, but nothing can replace quality time and connection with the love of your life.

Love is not a goal or destination. It is a constant journey of commitment and loyalty. More than anything, be there for your love. Be present in mind, body and spirit. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but celebrate loving and connecting all year long.

For sweet inspiration visit my Be Mine board.

-Tina B.

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