In Full Bloom!

Well, it has been quite a ride as we made our way through the New Year, abnormally cold weather, school closings and all sorts of twists and turns! As the weather starts to warm up (fingers crossed) and the plants ever so slightly start to bloom, we should take this time to jump start ourselves. There’s nothing like Spring cleaning and organizing. This season almost gives me the same excitement as the New Year.

Make donations of clothing and excess items to your favorite charities or donation centers. Clear junk and debris from your garage, closets and storage spaces. You will be surprised at how therapeutic the act of cleaning and organizing can be.

Use this season transition also as a bench mark to check your goal completion and progress. Sometimes the year can get away from us and we don’t realize it until after half the year is gone. We are at the first quarter mark – check your timeline to make sure you’re on task!

And mostly importantly, start enjoying the weather again. Take walks, go to local parks, get the kids outside to play games. Physical activity is very important and if you make it fun, you’ll be more likely to keep up with it.

Spring has finally arrived so get energized. You’re in full bloom!

-Tina B.

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