Love & Style

Love is in the air! We have entered the fabulous month of February and the frosty air is making everyone dream of Spring. Being the holiday fanatic I am,  I’ve  been pinning lots of  great Valentine’s Day party and gift ideas. See here. And just to keep you motivated, take a look at my Full Bloom board here with lots of Spring imagery. The groundhogs were a bit confused, but we’re almost there.

One of the best ways to show a loved one what they mean to you is by writing your thoughts down. Yes, good ole’ fashioned letter writing is always so sincere and a great expression of thoughtfulness. Your handwriting, your original words and the time you take to write will go far with the person you love. A nice home cooked meal doesn’t hurt either!

Be creative. Buy fresh flowers for the house, light some candles, make a playlist with your favorite love songs. There’s lots you can do on this sweet holiday that won’t break the bank.

If you have a quick style or design question, you can email me here. I can’t promise I’ll answer every single request, but I will address several design ideas in the comments section.

Until then…Love & Light!

-Tina B.

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