B. Inspired – Be the Light You Want to See

Happy Friday my friends! Are you ready for the weekend? I feel like I am hearing a resounding yes, considering this was the first week back into the real world for most of you. What types of thoughts are you having about the year so far? Are you off to a great start? Feeling defeated?  At the beginning of any new phase, sometimes we can let our fears and anxieties get the best of us. Trust me when I tell you however, most of the fears we have never actually manifest.

There is power in positive thought, imagination and encouraging words. Sometimes we have to give ourselves our own little pep talks. There’s nothing wrong with telling yourself how fabulous, creative, strong and intelligent you are. It’s okay to be your own champion. Sometimes we get mixed messages from the world that tell us self deprecation and negativity are the only ways to stay humble. I would argue that true humility is rooted in strong self esteem and worthiness.

When we genuinely feel good about ourselves, we do better, we work better and we are able to treat others better. We are better friends to others when we treat ourselves well. I am a true champion of other people’s success. I fully believe in being happy for others when they win. Learning to be happy for others is an art. You must first let go of the idea that their success (rather it be career, personal, family) has anything to do with your life and/or what you haven’t received or achieved yet. Root for your fellow peers and celebrate their wins and successes in life.

In the long run, it will be that much sweeter when others celebrate you during your season. You just have to stay focused and know that it’s coming.

PS. I recently had my first blog published on The Huffington Post. Read & share!

With Love & Light,

-Tina B.


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