B. Inspired – Peace Along the Path

Happy Friday dear friends. My favorite day of the week by far. Anticipating a well earned weekend is sometimes all I need to get up in the morning. I want to talk about ever-changing journeys and learning to find comfort in the little things. I spoke to my mom recently and expressed how I felt all over the place. Her response was perfect. She said “You are riding high now, so much going on…lots of changes in your life. But one day, you’ll be a little more settled. You’ll be able to take it easy.” Now that is wisdom and comfort that only a mom can provide.

I thought about how many extreme life changes I had been through recently…and it is mind boggling. In a six month period (March 2014 – September 2014) I moved out of my apartment of 6 years into the home of a girlfriend temporarily, I finished a second degree with honors, got married (I planned the wedding while finishing school), became a stepmom, moved in with my husband, got a new job, moved into a new townhouse — and managed to stay sane for the most part. For the next year, I settled into being a wife, a stepmom, handling the affairs of running a home and setting up a life for me and my husband. And it didn’t stop there; I started traveling more (for business and for pleasure), I amped up my blog, I setup my Etsy site…and the list goes on.

There are days when I think, when will I find my groove? When will I be content with how I make my living and the lifestyle I have chosen. Or will I always be evolving, discovering little parts of myself along the way. I’m sure you have the same thoughts. I’m sure some of you just pray for a little more comfort, a little consistency. And this is what I will tell you. It’s in the little things. Since we never know what is around the corner of life, find peace in the things you might otherwise take for granted. Maybe it’s your favorite recliner, a conversation with a dear friend, taking a bike ride, perhaps your morning prayer.

For me, it’s the prayer I share with my husband every morning before we go to work, it’s cooking dinner every other Friday with my husband and his girls, it’s reading a few chapters of a great book before I go to bed. Sometimes it’s the organized noise of my stepdaughters in the house. It gives me peace to know we’re all safe, sound and blessed. Find your peace. Find your comfort right in the middle of the ever-changing flow of life that sometimes waits for no one.

Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.  -Mark 4:39

With Love & Light,

Tina B.

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